117 Peter Street
117 Peter Street
Toronto (Ontario), Canada

Public spaces generated by the construction of a 36-storey condominium tower

Two public spaces are to be created on both sides of the misaligned portion of Richmond Street W. at 117 Peter Street. These opposing spaces link the off-centre segments of the street and articulate the spatial and architectural context in a play of Yin and Yang. The design takes advantage of the important East-West Richmond Street site lines prevailing at the Peter Street intersection.

The south public space (the plaza) is located under the raised podium of the 117 Peter Street tower. The paving pattern on the ground that extends into the building is the result of the superposition of two tiled grids offset from the Peter and Richmond West street axes. The rich motif in white and shades of gray is a wink to the textile designs of the fashion industry that operates near the area.

The north public space is composed of a dense bosk of trees randomly distributed across an expressive paving motif that matches the place across the street. This parcel of forest brought into the city acts as a volumetric and formal counterpart to the south plaza.

Urban Capital Property Group, Malibu Investments, Alit Developments

Wallman Architects, Cecconi Simone Interior Design, Shayne Dark

2 500 m2 (0.6 acres)


Under construction

Plaza / Garden
117 Peter St - Construction Phase - Toronto, CC+A
Plan, south and north public spaces, CC+A
Site evolution - 1858, CC+A
Site evolution - 2010, CC+A
Concept, shifted grid overlay, CC+A
Render of the 117 Peter Street tower, Wallman Architects

Precedent, Nova by Arlene Stamp, source unknown

Inventory of architectural and spatial context, CC+A
Section of the north public space, CC+A