Calgary Curtis Block
Calgary Curtis Block
Calgary (Alberta), Canada

Courtyard, streetscape, and green roof for a mixed-use 3-tower development

The Curtis Block streetscape aims to enlarge Calgary city centre’s urban forest. Trees with large soil volumes under a generous pedestrian realm are proposed to ensure a continuous tree canopy around the development perimeter of the block.

At the heart of the ground floor is a public garden that mimics in miniature the treed slopes of the nearby Rockies. Three sculpted miniature mountains are proposed to be covered in a carpet of conifer seedlings, with stepped pathways ascending between the peaks. Nestled in this topography is a perched plaza with flexible seating and an elevated view over the courtyard. A large reflective smoky mirror suspended as a courtyard backdrop amplifies the perceived size of this pocket space, simulating the vastness of a mountain sky. This Alberta Scenario (a play on Isamu Noguchi’s California Scenario), concentrates an iconic landscape to reflect Calgary’s unique geography on the threshold between mountain and prairie.

ONE Properties

Raw Design Architecture Studio & MTa Urban Design Architecture Interior Design

11430 m2 (2,8 acres) – development footprint


In progress

Master Plan
Plaza / Garden
Calgary Curtis Block – Mountain Perspective, CC+A
Calgary Curtis Block – Mountain Perspective, CC+A
Calgary Curtis Block - Mountain Concept, CC+A
Calgary Curtis Block - Concept Elevation, CC+A
Calgary Curtis Block - Front Elevation, CC+A
Calgary Curtis Block - Mountain Section, CC+A
Calgary Curtis Block - Plan, CC+A
Calgary Curtis Block - Mountain Concept Drawing, CC+A
Calgary Curtis Block - Precedent, CC+A