Lipstick Forest
Lipstick Forest
Montréal (Québec), Canada

Winter garden at the Palais des congrès de Montréal

The winter garden in Montreal’s Palais des congrès could have been yet another tropical garden in an oversized greenhouse. But instead of trucking in potted plants and fighting against the local climate to keep them alive, we planted a forest of fifty-two concrete trees, painted lipstick-pink to celebrate the city’s flourishing cosmetic industry and manifest Montreal’s inexhaustible joie de vivre.

Patterned after the hundred-year old maples that line the avenues in the old city, our forest is perfectly adapted to the futuristic environment of the Centre. The hand-cast trunks hover between the concrete slabs of floor and ceiling, on a site straddling the buried Ville-Marie expressway. A positive symbol of the reality of nature in our contemporary world, Lipstick Forest might be artificial, but it’s definitely not fake.

Société immobilière du Québec, Palais des congrès de Montréal

700 m2 (0,2 acre)


Canadian Society of Landscape Architects
National Merit

Montréal Institut of design
Landscape Architecture Laureat



Plaza / Garden
Jean-François Vézina, January 2003
Elevation, CC+A, June 2000
Plan, CC+A, 2001
Jean-François Vézina, January 2003
Jean-François Vézina, January 2003
Jean-François Vézina, January 2003
Conceptual montage, Jean-François Vézina + René Clément, 2003
Elevation - detail, CC+A, June 2000
Icon, René Clément, 2003
Elevation, CC+A + Jean-François Vézina, 2003
Jean-François Vézina, January 2003
Emmanuel Galland, March 2005
Marc Cramer, 2003