Scrivener Court
Scrivener Court
Toronto, Ontario

An intimate mid-block plaza, connective laneways, and “carpet”-like paving for a landmark mixed-use development.

Nestled in the Summerhill neighborhood adjacent to the former North Toronto railway station and now LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Ontario) branch, the future Scrivener Court public realm will offer an alternative to the bustling and car-oriented Yonge Street. Centered on a mid-block plaza with café-style patio seating, catenary lighting, and a grapefruit-themed water basin, the pedestrian will encounter a safe and attractive urban environment. Laneways connect the plaza on the four sides to the perimeter sidewalks and to the LCBO and the Five Thieves, which are well-known heritage structures around the city. A “carpet”-like granite paving unifies the entire block and extends into Scrivener Square to the north and Price Street to the south creating a curbless street condition and increasing connectivity to the adjacent neighborhood.


Diamond Corp. & Tricon Capital

COBE Architects

6570 m2 (1.6 acres)


In progress

Plaza / Garden
Rendering, Scrivener Court - COBE Architects
Plan, Public Realm - Claude Cormier + Associés
Concept, Circular Bosk and Unified Paving - Claude Cormier + Associés
Rendering - COBE Architects
Photo, Existing Condition - COBE Architects