Tom II
Tom II
Montréal (Québec), Canada

Summer installation on the pedestrian Avenue du Musée at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

For the second edition (2013), l’Avenue du Musée was transformed again, this time into a Field of Poppies based on Vincent van Gogh’s painting of the same name. This edition used 6000 TOMs to create a tighter weave, taking advantage of the slope at the base of Mount Royal to create a vibrant perspective from rue Sherbrooke. This vantage incorporated the silhouette of the mountain as a backdrop to the saturation of red, green, and white across the asphalt canvas.

In both editions, TOM evoked notions of freedom associated with strolling through a flowery meadow to create a pause from the surrounding urban rush. The colourful ensemble cultivated an ambience around the avenue throughout both summers, transporting visitors into a vibrant floral landscape canvas.

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

350 m2


Canadian Society of Landscape Architecture
National Citation – New Directions Category (TOM I & TOM II, 2012 & 2013 Editions)



Photo, Guillaume Paradis, CC+A
Conceptual image; from the painting Champ de coquelicots, Vincent van Gogh, Oil on canvas. 73 x 91,5 cm, 1890
Plan, CC+A
Photo, Denis Farley
Photo, Denis Farley
Photo, Guillaume Paradis, CC+A
Photo, Guillaume Paradis, CC+A
Photo, Guillaume Paradis, CC+A